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There are so many skin care products on the market, what makes Peau Vive unique?

Products are formulated using the very latest advances in the field of professional skin care, such as groundbreaking discoveries "auto-protection" of the skin by Europe's leading cosmetic chemist. Moreover, Peau Vive products are enhanced with aromatic essences which promote a feeling of euphoric and well-being via olfaction. This is a unique benefit to the stressed consumer.


What steps has Peau Vive taken to protect the environment?

The packaging is unique to this niche market, using only recyclable and biodegradable material. Peau Vive brochures contain no cellulose or chlorine, and are printed on paper derived from algae grown in the Venice Laguna.


How does Peau Vive ensure the highest potency of active ingredients?

Peau Vive plant extracts are harvested during the annual growth cycle called the "balsamic period" when the plant is at peak maturity.


You mentioned take your products use all natural plant extracts, however are pesticides used?

No, absolutely no pesticides are used during the cultivation of plant extracts.


What about heavy metals?

All plant extracts are free of toxic heavy metals, which can cause skin irritation.


You mention that Peau Vive products are scientifically tested, does this mean on animals?

All Peau Vive products have been dermatologically tested, and Peau Vive products have not been tested on animals.


Your skin treatments are aromatic, my skin is very sensitive to artificial fragrances, do you use any?

Peau Vive products contain no artificial fragrances. Chemical fragrances in cosmetics are a major source of allergic skin reactions, which has been of great concern to environmentally sensitive individuals. There are a growing number of women who cannot use cosmetics because of their sensitivity to chemical fragrances, especially with the increased use of hormone replacement therapy by women over the age of forty. Peau Vive uses no artificial coloring agents, which are another source of epidermal reactions. It substitutes natural plant pigments to enhance the product.


What about animal extracts, alcohols, or petroleum?

Peau Vive uses no animal extracts or derivatives. The ecological and environmentally sensitive consumer of today appreciates products, which produce results without using traditional animal extracts such as collagen and elastine. Peau Vive does not use mineral oils, drying alcohols or petroleum in its products, as the North American consumer is aware of the disadvantages in doing so.

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