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The professional spa custom treatments that are specifically designed and applied according to your skin type, and condition, are divided into two types of treatments: The Phyto Peel, and the Phyto Aromatic.

The Phyto Peel Professional Clinical Treatment

Keratinization, or cellular proliferation is a process whereby the skin naturally sheds and renews itself. Commonly referred to as desquamation in Europe, it is vital for maintaining a healthy skin. In the process of keratinization, newly formed cells in the basal layer undergo a development process as they are pushed to the surface. At the same time the cytoplasm, nucleus, and other organelles disappear, and the cells die. Eventually the keratinized cells slough off, and are replaced by underlying cells that, in turn, become keratinized.

Under normal circumstances the stratum corneum or horny layer, which consists of keratinized cells, is constantly being shed. However age, environmental factors, occlusive skin care products, medication, and congenital predisposition to hyper-keratinization tend to slow down the natural desquamation process. Dead skin cells then remain attached to the skin, causing the epidermis to become congested, impairing the oxygen exchange and skin respiration. This situation is further aggravated by the accumulation of cutaneous secretions, excessive exposure to the elements, and heavy sun protection products, which may lead to asphyxiation of the epidermis.

Peau Vive's Phyto Peel utilizes a plant enzyme to remove dead keratinized skin cells and stagnant cutaneous deposits, improving skin color and texture, enabling the skin to breath effectively, and ensuring maximum absorption of active ingredients. Phyto Peel is for professional use, allowing the aesthetician to customize a skin peeling treatment according to the client's skin type and current skin condition.


The Phyto-Aromatic Clinical Treatment

The Power of Personalizing

The Peau Vive Phyto-Aromatic system offers the unique ability to customize a personal corrective treatment. By utilizing virtually unlimited combinations of highly specialized selection of  Peau Vive vital plant extracts and purest essential oils, the esthetician will have the ability to create new and unique massage creams or masks designed to target identified skin issues and customized to the client's individual skin condition.

The Phyto-Aromatic Treatment safely and effectively corrects such skin issues as: aged, atonic, couperose, dehydrated, devitalized, dry, ethrosis, fatigued, irritated, mature, oily, reactive, sagging, seboreic, sensitive, and many more.

The Peau Vive Phyto-Aromatic system uses these 12 powerful plant extracts to soothe, energize, calm and purify the skin, while reducing the visible appearance of stress and strain:

 Mint Extract – cooling & soothing

 Chamomile Extract – soothing & calming

 Horse Chestnut Extract – reduces redness, vasoconstricting

 Rhatany Root Extract - tightens ostiums (pores)

 Hydocotyle Extract – toning

 Sage Extract - reduces oil secretion

 Iceland Moss Extract – anti-fugal &anti-bacterial

 Carrot Extract – regenerating & anti-aging

 Ginseng Extract - stimulating

 Aloe Extract – hydrating 

 Camphor Extract – oxygenating  

 Phyto Vital Fluid - with vitamins A, E and complex B

In addition to the Phyto Aromatic fluids, Peau Vive’s 4 specially blended Essntial Oils form a synergistic blend, mutually enhances and amplifying the potency of each essential oil while producing a dynamically revitalizing formula ready to target different needs.

The Phyto Aromatic lab makes it easier to reach more individuals by being able to tailor make the massage creams or masks depending on the clients specific needs.

As the Phyto Aromatic lab is highly concentrated, therefore, you will see a positive result. For maximum results, Peau Vive’s personalized home care & professional products are recommended.

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